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Roberto Carlos Poses Challenge To Andy Robertson

The legendary Brazilian left back is apparently a fan of his Liverpool counterpart

Aston Villa v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

From the moment he debuted his one-man press technique in the famous 4-3 win over Manchester City in his Liverpool debut season, Andy Robertson has held a special place in the hearts of Reds fans the world over.

Rising from relegation with Hull City to becoming English, European and World champions as one of Liverpool manager’s most trusted generals, captaining his native Scotland to new heights, and instigating one of the great shithousery moments of all time, 26-year-old has already cemented himself in Liverpool lore.

Game recognize game and the left back is largely recognized as one of the best in the business, even by one of the football’s greatest ever left pegs. Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos recently hopped onto a Q&A Robertson was having on the social media app Tik Tok to ask if the youngster would ever replicate any of his famous free kick golazos.

A starstruck Robertson admitted that while he would “pay a lot of money” to have a left leg like Carlos’, that coming anything close to his shooting ability was not likely in the cards.

Another commenter asked who on the Liverpool squad would win in a 100 meter sprint. However, rather than naming speed merchants like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, Robertson’s answer would’ve instead been a surprise to all but the most loyal TLO readers:

“I am going to go for Virgil van Dijk,” the Scotsman said after mulling the question over.

“It would be between the two center halves, Virgil and Joe [Gomez]. Don’t think the wingers would have a chance.”

“[Jordan Henderson] would love to put his name in the mix, so would Trent. Nowhere near it.

Feel free to check out more of the Q&A below.


Reply to @theoneandonly3636 6am press ups are a no go I’m afraid!!

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