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Klopp Talk: FIFA Should Allow Clubs To Pull Players From International Duty Because of Covid-19

Liverpool manager is unhappy with some nations’ protocols

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

We’ve known for a long time that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has not been the biggest fan of his players going on international duty. He’s spoken out in the past about the travel his players have to do as well as voicing his frustration when his players get overworked and injured. So, it’s no surprise that Klopp isn’t happy with the governing bodies of some countries regarding their Covid-19 protocols.

“I am concerned, but the problem is we have no power.” Klopp told The Telegraph. “Not really. We tried to find out what all the different protocols are with all the FAs but it’s up to the FAs to answer or not. And Fifa so far is not really involved in that”

“It would be a massive help that if you don’t get a reply from an FA, for example, then you don’t send the player because then you would get 100 per cent replies and know the protocols are all fine. But there is nothing we can do really”

“Also playing three games in nine days is massive and if you would see our travel plans for bringing players home there is a lot that the clubs have to do for themselves because nobody is involved in that as well. So it is not my favourite time of the year at all”

It’s pretty insane that players are crossing borders and breaking lockdown to play international football.

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