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Graeme Souness: Pickford Challenge and Lack of Review “Outrageous”

I mean, yeah.

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Everything is terrible and everything hurts. I suppose it’s good that none of us are going through this alone. Former Red and pundit-we-like-to-make-fun-of-sometimes, Graeme Souness, is as furious and devastated as the rest of us, it seems, and (unlike the rest of us) took to Sky Sports to talk about just how ridiculous both van Dijk’s injury and the officiating around the tackle that should have seen Pickford sent off was.

“[The focus on the offside instead of the tackle] amazes me,” he said after the game. “If you’re a football person, I guarantee you every single professional who has ever played the game, semi-professional, maybe the guys in Hackney Marshes, when you look at that — their focus is not on the offside, their focus is on one thing.”

“It’s outrageous. For me, as an ex-player, wow.”

The offside is probably the last thing on most people’s mind today, but Liverpool have requested that both controversial VAR decisions made during the game (including the decision not to use VAR to look at Pickford’s tackle) be reviewed.

“I’m not even thinking about offside, but these people who make these decisions can sit in Stockley Park and think that’s offside and just don’t get it,” Souness added when asked about the offside decision. “They don’t know what they’re talking about. I went to Stockley Park maybe a year ago. It is impossible to make a mistake with the technology they have, the time they give themselves. It’s impossible and they can still get it wrong.”

The second gripe is a familiar one when discussing any kind of officiating. We just wish that was the only gripe we had to contend with after this weekend’s game.

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