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Virgil van Dijk To Miss Rest Of Season With ACL Injury

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It’s okay to cry.

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The worst fear of every Liverpool supporter has come to pass. Virgil van Dijk will likely miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. He suffered the injury because of Everton’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s horror tackle early on in the Merseyside Derby yesterday. A tackle that went completely unpunished.

The official club site confirms the news today. No timetable has been put forward in terms of recovery, but they confirm that van Dijk will require surgery to repair damaged ligaments in his knee. The typical recovery for an injury like this is 7-8 months, but there’s obviously setbacks that can happen, which was the case when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin suffered a similar injury.

The club says that immediately following surgery Van Dijk will begin rehabilitation with the club’s medical team to help him get back to full fitness.

Everyone here at The Liverpool Offside wishes Virgil a speedy recovery during this devastating time.