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Jurgen Klopp Not Expecting Busy Deadline Day

No likely incomings or goings for Liverpool this January.

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West Ham United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s quite the thing to compare life as a Liverpool fan in the age of the Hodgepocalypse and after the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. Lots of things to contrast from the styles of play to the results in terms of league and global standing, but one of the things I relish the most is the state of transfers.

Liverpool have been, to borrow a word from the gaffer, outstanding in terms of personnel assessment over the last few years. And even when having to, reluctantly, give in to the demands of a player perceived to have been an important cog in the Liverpool system (e.g.: Philippe Coutinho), Liverpool have genuinely managed to chug along their upward trend in the global football landscape.

Which has made transfer windows, generally, rather silent affairs for Liverpool fans. And if we’re going by the gaffer’s words, it looks like today will come and go without much business.

When asked about deadline day during the pre-match press conference, Klopp was pretty adamant that nothing would be doing on Liverpool’s end of things.

“Incoming nothing, outgoing nothing I heard about, but it doesn’t mean it could not happen. No, you can leave Melwood after the press conference to calm down, having a nice evening or whatever, or go to another place where it is more exciting!”

Which, of course, makes sense: Liverpool aren’t among the clubs that finds themselves in need of strengthening in order to push for extra glory or just to hit a benchmark. Liverpool faithful would have known that to be true going into this window, even with the pleasant surprise arrival of talented utility attacker and super cheek-bones Takumi Minamino. And while no team should ever sit on its laurels in the unrelenting quest to remain top of the mountain, doing so within the inflated prices of the January window simply makes little sense.

Still, Klopp did address the need to continue to work on longterm strategy and making sure that the Liverpool machine continues to work apace years into the future.

“Yes, we are not really busy with transfer decisions for this period, for this moment, but we are constantly in talks, exchanging ideas and thoughts about what helps us in the long-term. Being not busy in the transfer window doesn’t give you the opportunity in this business to be relaxed.”

There it is, then. No business left for deadline day, but also not taking our eye of the prize or the future. Sounds about right. Let that window close, then. Feels refreshing to do so without anxiety about transfers and with enthusiasm to see this magical season through to its conclusion.

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