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Liverpool Facing Possible Expulsion from League Cup Over Ineligible Player

If true, this is next-level genius from Kloppo.

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Normally, Saturday mornings are slow, from a football news perspective. Well, not today, as James Pearce revealed that Liverpool are facing the posibility of being kicked out of the EFL [Insert Sponsor Here] League Cup, after alledgedly fielding an ineligible player.

There is an investigation underway, although the ineligible player in question remains a mystery for now.

Pearce does not directly speculate about who it could be, although he mentions Pedro Chirivella fairly prominently in the article, mentioning it was the Spaniard’s first senior appearance for Liverpool in over three years.

Interwebz speculation is also singling out Chirivella, particularly because of a botched loan to Extremadura last season.

Liverpool, for their part, have confirmed the investigation, but are refusing to comment until the issue is resolved.

“The club are aware of a potential administrative issue pertaining to one of our players,” a Liverpool spokesman told Pearce.

“We are working with the relevant authorities in order to establish the facts of the matter and will be making no further comment until the process is complete.”

Liverpool could face a fine, as was the case for Sunderland in 2014 when they fielded an ineligible player, also, coincidentally, against the MK Dons. Alternatively, they could be kicked out of the competition. (Oh no, please don’t kick us out of our 6th-priority competition, whatever would we do!)

If Klopp dug Chirivella out of his grave to intentionally get us expelled from the competition, color me impressed. This way the young lads got playing time and the mental boost from winning a match, but the squad won’t be punished with extra fixture congestion. Genius, if you ask me.

In all seriousness, and considering the precedent set with Sunderland, Liverpool are probably facing a fine. Also, the League Cup definitely wouldn’t want to lose the marquee Liverpool-Arsenal match up in the next round.

I guess we’ll have to try harder to be bounced from this competition. Maybe try bringing a lad out of the Kop next time, yeah?


Paul Joyce is now reporting that the investigation is over Chirivella:

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