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Alisson Is “On A Good Way,” Gives Injury Update

Our Brazilian goalkeeper gave an update on his injury ahead of the match against MK Dons.

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UEFA European Club Football Season Kick-Off 2019/2020 - UCL Draw
He was well enough to go to Milan for an award.....
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Injuries can be a double edged sword, especially for goalkeepers. On the one hand, it’s a little scary when someone who needs to be reliable is suddenly no longer able to do that. On the other hand, it definitely pushes the number two to perform their best not only to make up for the loss but to potentially make a case for other matches as well once the number one is fit. So it goes with regards to our number one, Alisson Becker, and his injured calf.

Our best goalkeeper sustained the injury back in August on opening day against Norwich and has been sidelined ever since, but is looking eagerly towards making a comeback. Alisson is now able to train outside as opposed to the walls of the Melwood gyms, and will soon be able to rejoin the rest of the goalkeeper’s union in training.

“I’m on a good way, I think we are nearly there,” the Brazilian told the club website recently.

“I can go outside to the pitch to do some goalkeeper work and I feel very well. I feel confident and I think now it’s just about getting all my power, all my confidence to come back and do what I love to do.”

It’s been almost two full months of training indoors, so surely the remaining bits of Liverpool sunshine (as much as they could probably get over there, anyway) are helping out.

“It’s massive because if I look back, two weeks ago I couldn’t even walk properly. Now I’m running, jumping on my right leg that was injured so I’m really happy for that,” Alisson continued.

“It’s great. When you are a player you want to have the contact with the ball, with the guys on the pitch, the routine of training. It’s what I love to do.

“The games, the atmosphere at Anfield, the away games, all games when I watch on the TV, I just think how I want to play, I want to be there, I want to help my teammates. I’m looking forward [to being back], I can’t wait anymore!”

It would be no small feat to say that the addition of Alisson’s goalkeeping skills were a massive part of Liverpool’s jump from “potentially good” to “oh my god, we’re actually a really good team.” So in his absence, new Spanish goalkeeper Adrian has had to fill those boots to keep up the level of play that Liverpool had gotten used to. Considering the Reds have yet to lose a game in the league (knock on wood), Adrian is probably doing okay in that regard.

“I think the boys are doing very well, all the team [and] Adrian especially,” Alisson said.

“He’s a special guy who came late in the season, he just came and shows everyone his value, not just as a player but as a person and that is the more important thing. He is doing very well on the pitch. I have peace to recover in a proper way so it’s better for everyone.

“You can see that [he has settled in well] on the pitch, you know a player just can play as he is playing if you are set up with the place, with the people, if you are happy here and you can see he is very happy here.

“He helped us to win a title already, he is helping us a lot in the games to win points. That is the most important thing for us in the season to achieve our goals.”

Alisson is allegedly targeting a return for the October 20th match against Manchester United, following the next international break, and all fingers will be crossed that he indeed does make it back in time. Klopp was pretty adamant about not rushing him back, though, so for now, Adrian will have to keep up the good work.

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