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Alisson: I Won Because of the Team

The goalkeeper talks about his Best Men’s Goalkeeper award and the team that got him there

The Best FIFA Football Awards Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It was an almost perfect night for Liverpool at the FIFA Best Of Awards, with Jurgen Klopp and Alisson Becker rightfully earning the titles of best men’s coach and best men’s goalkeeper after Liverpool’s relentless campaign last season. Alisson, who suffered a calf injury in the first game of the season against Norwich City, was enthusiastic to talk about the Champions League winning season and his teammates after he received his award.

“Well, like I always said, for me the most important thing is to achieve my goals that are the same of the team: winning something for the club, winning something together. And then if you win some awards individually then it’s OK if you win always together,” Alisson told the club’s official website after the ceremony.

“I’m really happy because I worked a lot to arrive here, to win the Champions League, to become a great player, to have a great season as I had in the last one with Liverpool and with the national team also.”

The most important thing, of course, is the team and Alisson was eager to share his accolades.

“But we don’t play alone,” the goalkeeper added. “The boss said yesterday in his speech that he was the best manager because of the team and I was the best goalkeeper because of the team also. I think Virgil became the best player in Europe because of the team also.

“So yeah, I need to thank my teammates [and] also the people who work with me: all the staff here at Liverpool, the goalkeeper coaches Johnny and Jack, the other goalkeepers who are on my side. They help me a lot in pushing me forward and I think it’s really good.”

Alisson is on target with his injury recovery, and we’ll hopefully see him back in action soon.

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