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Lampard Talks About Salah’s Alternative Reality

Did you know Mo Salah used to play for Chelsea?

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Group E - Chelsea v FC Basel - Stamford Bridge Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Once upon a time Frank Lampard and Mo Salah were teammates at Chelsea. That Salah used to play for Chelsea is brought up often. You know the story...Salah didn’t too well at Chelsea, moved away to Italy, then we signed him. The rest is history. Well, until we play Cheslea. This it’s always talked about. The past is never dead when a narrative can be spun.

Frank Lampard is now the manager of Chelsea. Mo Salah is now the best player in the Premier League. Ahead of Sunday’s match between Liverpool and Chelsea, Lampard was asked if Salah’s career could’ve gone differently.

“It is hard because everyone has their own pathways,” Lampard said. “Unfortunately for Mo, it didn’t work out here but it is great credit to him. He went to Italy and then came back and now he is a superstar.

“As for his path, it is hard to compare to what may have been. I had an overlap with him. The talent was obviously there. At the time, I think we had a lot of options in attacking areas. Number 10s, wingers and he didn’t get as many opportunities for whatever reason but yes you could see the talent was there. But the player that he is now or that came back to Liverpool I think you have to say huge credit is due. You don’t have to search for anything more than look at Mo himself. You have to say what professionalism and work ethic to leave a club like Chelsea is not easy.

“People then cast you aside and say you won’t make it there. He went onto be the superstar he is now. It is completely credit to Mo himself.”

Thanks, Frank. Way to say so many words without saying anything at all.

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