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Andy Robertson in Fitness Race Ahead of Napoli Tilt

Liverpool’s star left back was held out of training ahead of the squad’s opening Champions League match.

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Liverpool Travel To Naples
He’s smiling so it’s nothing to worry about, right?
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool navigated the International Break with grace and aplomb. Which is to say that they got through that pesky, in-season interruption without the most feared and loathed occurrence from said break: injuries.

They then came out of the break, took on Steve Bruce’s Newcastle, and absolutely put them to the sword. Top of the table. Perfect record and the last remaining unbeaten team in the Premier League. Everything should be roses.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t like to trade in things like stability and constancy and, so, we’ve got the undesirable task of letting you lovely folk know that ahead of Liverpool’s first match in this year’s Champions League campaign, we have a small injury concern. Andrew Robertson, per Jurgen Klopp’s comments on the official site, was unable to train today and looks to be a game time decision in the Reds’ tilt against Italian side, Napoli.

Jurgen Klopp was quick to stress that the news shouldn’t be cause to panic; going so far as to say that the knock is “not a major thing.” Which, we’ll take him at his word.

Still, it does at least elicit a bit of a rueful sigh given how important the Scotsman has become to this Liverpool side. In fact, one of the highlights from this past weekend’s match was how Robbo managed to body his defender before taking him out completely with a slick touch, which lead to creating the space for his assist on the first Liverpool goal of the match.

That entire sequence was a terrific example of what Robbo brings to the squad: physicality, speed, and quality in technique. That he also seems to be irrepressibly charming feels like someone being gifted with too many talents as to be unfair to the rest of humanity, to be quite honest. Though, given that he didn’t know that a tomato is not, in fact, a veg means that he is certainly human.

Regardless, we join our fellow TLO scribe in believing that this news likely signals an opportunity for rotation with a James Milner cameo at left back in the offing. Either way, our hope is that the knock is, indeed, minor and that this portend a longer time away from the pitch for the Scotsman.

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