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Klopp Talk: I started Enjoying After 25 Minutes

Klopp opens up after the match

Liverpool FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

You probably weren’t the only one who was frustrated with the first 25ish minute of the first half. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was also mad about it.

“I started enjoying after 25 minutes around about when we arrived finally in the game. We needed that, we didn’t want to have that but it’s not unlikely that it can happen because it was really difficult.” Klopp said” Newcastle did what they did, they do that really well and are always a threat for counter-attacks. It’s difficult to press them because they play the ball that early, constantly in a second-ball formation but then they have the speed to go in behind, plus Joelinton is really physically strong fighting for these balls. That’s how they scored the goal, we played them onside unfortunately. In all the other situations, they were clear offside, but that was the moment. Then we all know that it makes a game not easier. We needed another 15, 16 minutes to set the rhythm then because you have to play much quicker than we did in the first part of the game.

“In the moment when we started doing that, immediately we had our moments, we had chances, scored two wonderful goals.” He continued. “Second half, learning from the game and showing the boys a couple of pictures which helps always because you can then justify the situation right – where’s the space and things like this. Second half we scored only one goal, but we played really good football and I liked it a lot. There were a few moments I enjoyed, not a lot but a few and enough to be the deserved winner today.”

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