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Mohamed Salah Takes Home Player of the Month for August

The Egyptian striker was voted by the fans as Liverpool’s Player of the Month for August.

Liverpool Training Session
He didn’t win the award because of this photo but it wasn’t not because of this photo.
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Mohamed Salah is quite the footballer. That might be an understatement given all of his accomplishments, but it’s apt. Because what looks like otherworldly for some, is pretty standard fare for the Egyptian striker.

And a prime example is how the media made much out of a tempest in a teacup when signs of displeasure and tempers blew over between Sadio Mane and Mo during Liverpool’s most recent match. Most reasonable people would look at it as a typical dust up between talented and driven teammates; someone blows a play or makes a bad choice. It happens often, even in pick up matches. Instead, words like selfish began to be appended to Mo’s name and all of a sudden what wasn’t flared into very much A Thing.

Well, today, we’re glad to give you a reminder that Mo Salah is obviously not overly selfish as it comes to being a teammate and we can do so by providing stats that likely urged the fans to vote Mohamed Salah ahead of both Mané and Roberto Firmino for Liverpool’s Player of the Month for August.

During the month, Salah contributed 3 goals and 2 assists, all of them gained in the Premier League. Not to shabby for a player deemed to be selfish, eh?

And it appears that the fans know the truth; they were the ones that ended up conferring this honor to Mo with their vote. It’s clear that, at least among the Liverpool faithful, every one knows the score: Mohamed Salah is quite the footballer.

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