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Digging Deeper Into Liverpool’s Victory Over Burnley

With a victory over Burnley in the books, we dig a little deeper into what it means for Liverpool.

Burnley v Liverpool - Premier League - Turf Moor Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images

Liverpool enter the first international break of the season with four wins from four. Twelve points from twelve available. Liverpool have set a club record with 13 wins in a row dating back to last March, when the win streak started with a victory over none other than Burnley.

We’ve conquered all of Europe. We’re never gonna stop.

This whole winning thing can get sort of dull. I’m just being honest. It’s sort of like a dream. I’m always having to remind myself that it’s real life. I obviously don’t mean I’d rather trade these days for, say, the 2011-12 season. What I mean is that we see Burnley away on the fixture list and have a moan about it. It’s been a weird fixture for Liverpool under Klopp. We spend the week thinking, “Going to be hard, you know. They’re tall.” And it was hard, sort of. But hard doesn’t stop Liverpool anymore. It used to, but this team can’t be stopped. We’re used to it and we’re not.

I don’t know about you, but I always prepare for the worst case scenario. I’m an eternal pessimist. No matter how much data is in front of me, I’m convinced that catastrophic failure is just seconds away. It’s inevitable. It’s all going to go wrong, just you wait. I’ve spent most of my football fandom approaching every game like this. But, with this Liverpool team—Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool—the failure never seems to come. I know a few of you, and I know you do the same.

It’s Burnley. It’s 3-0. It’s an awful second half. It’s Trent Alexander-Arnold’s deflected goal. It’s Jordan Henderson going off injured. It’s keeping a clean sheet with a keeper that’s not been with club for a full month yet. It’s all the things. It’s the joy of being alive and watching these Reds every week. Let this never, ever get dull.



I don’t know how this happened, but I think the footballing world has kind of underrated just how good Fabinho is for Liverpool. It’s just sort of accepted and expected that he’ll perform at a ridiculously high level every week. He’s the base of Klopp’s midfield. He’s the foundation for the shape. Against Burnley, he was insanely good. Klopp and I want different things from a midfield, you know. I love a creative midfield. I love goals from midfielders. But, Jurgen knows a bit more about football than I do, and his midfield here serves as the foundation for everything Liverpool does and Fabinho is the cornerstone of that.

Adrian & Clean Sheets!

I am absolutely made up that Liverpool kept a clean sheet against Burnley. I’ve not been as wary about the defensive woes Liverpool have been having as most, but I wanted a clean sheet today. The high line was incredibly effective and when Adrian needed to make big saves, he did. Pretty cool. Pretty neat.

Bobby Firmino

The first Brazilian to ever score 50 Premier League goals. The 9th Liverpool player to reach 50 league goals. Had an assist today and another one of those insane flicks that make you question the laws of physics. If you ask Arsenal fans, though, he’s absolutely rubbish.


The Punditry

Mo Salah didn’t pass to Sadio Mane. Mo Salah should’ve passed the ball to Sadio Mane. There was a bit of an argument. You saw what happened. But, it’s not the locker room dust up that the media wants it to be. Move on.


Hate Burnley. Love seeing them lose. They’re losers.

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