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Mourinho Weighs in on Premier League Title Race

It’s been a whole weekend, so naturally everyone knows who’s going to win this season.

Manchester United v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

We’ve had a whole weekend of football so far this season, so it’s definitely time for all the pundits to make predictions about which teams will be competing for the title race. It’s hardly news that the race is going to come down to Liverpool and Manchester City again this year, especially after both teams’ performances last season. But let’s listen to what the experts have to say anyway, because it’s been a whole weekend since Liverpool played and we’ve already dissected that game beyond belief.

Noted Pogba unenthusiast and latest Sky Sports pundit, Jose Mourinho, found it in himself to actually add a bit of humour to his predictions. When asked who he thought would finish first, he said:

“Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool, and then Man City B team.”

What about the two teams in the Premier League that Mourinho was fired from?

“Independent of what happens today [between Manchester United and Chelsea], even if one of the teams plays magnificently I don’t believe they are going to exist in the title race.”

That’s fair, and probably quite close to what we were all thinking, too.

Elsewhere in punditry, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright went slightly further and both said they had Liverpool winning the cup.

Of course, the boss disagrees with all the pundits and believes there are six clubs in contention.

“I don’t know where people get the idea that Arsenal will not challenge, that Chelsea will not challenge with Frank [Lampard] bringing complete excitement to the club,” Klopp said.

“Okay, they cannot really be busy in the transfer window, but after years when all the young boys were on loan, now they finally bring them back and get the benefit of that. It’s like it’s made for a transfer ban. Now [Tammy] Abraham and all these other guys come back and it’s a fantastic team.”

Chelsea didn’t look like they were quite ready for a title challenge this weekend, but it’ll be interesting to see how they line up against Liverpool this Wednesday in the Super Cup.

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