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WATCH: Adam Lallana & James Milner Have a Huge Fan

How would you react if your favorite players came to your work?

Adam Lallana & James Milner surprise a fan at Starbucks

So, imagine this. You’re working your Saturday afternoon shift at your barista job. It’s not the best job you’ve ever had, especially considering the massive corporation you work for. But, it’s a decent job and pays enough to get you through school. You’ve got to deal with some pretty annoying customers complaining about their drinks being too hot or too cold or whatever, and then all of a sudden...Adam Lallana and James Milner come in to order a drink from you.

How would you react? Well, this fella reacted like this.

I don’t know if I would react the same way, to be honest. But you do you, homie. Now, let’s play a fun game. What do you think Adam and James ordered from Starbucks?

Milner definitely orders a half-caf drip with no room. He’s a simple man and doesn’t need a ton of caffeine to get through the day. Lallana definitely orders a Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino® and adds his own protein powder to it. I won’t be convinced otherwise.

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