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Breaking News: Jürgen Klopp Joins Twitter (Maybe)

However, the trail has gone cold after the primary suspect speaks out.

Liverpool F.C.v Sporting CP: Western Union Cup Friendly Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

The official Liverpool FC YouTube channel released an epic video starring manager Jürgen Klopp and first team coach Pep Lijnders as they joyously relive last season’s epic march to the club’s sixth European Cup title through a collection of clips.

We’ll let you take in all the gems from the 16:58 minute-long video that somehow still felt much too short; however, one crucial nugget of information in particular was revealed towards the end of the clip: Jürgen Klopp is on social media.

Upon viewing clips of fans around the world in Boston, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Atlanta celebrating at the final whistle to confirm that Ol’ Big Ears was coming back to Anfield, the German mastermind can be seen in the video mouthing the words “I love it. I love it,” with delight at the scenes.

Seemingly at a loss for words, he went on to admit that he hadn’t had any social media accounts to watch these and other clips people had sent him, “So when they sent me these videos I had to open a Twitter only to watch it.”

Whether one believes that social media to be a net societal good or a tool seemingly expressly-designed to rip apart the social fabric, one cannot deny that Liverpool’s charismatic supremo posting his unfiltered thoughts and self-curated images online would not immediately supplant cute animal videos and Ozzy Man Reviews as the primary purpose for venturing onto social media platforms.

So, similar to when former FBI director, James Comey was suspected and eventually outed for his secret Twitter account, the hunt for Klopp’s online presence has commenced.

The hunters have been doggedly relentless, leaving not even the most putrid of stones in the darkest corners of the Twittesphere unturned. One strong candidate was the account @JNorb14. Sufficiently inactive, as the Normal One’s account would most likely be, the @JNorb14 ticked off another box, following only three other clubs: three football clubs: Mainz 05, Borussia Dortmund and the Reds

Additionally, up until last week the user had also never tweeted, which makes sense since Klopp was in the midst of touring the USA in sweltering heat for a preseason tour. Player development > The Webz.

However, the account has definitively come out to confirm that it does not in fact belong to Klopp.

It make sense because also because the account was created in November 2018, when only the most fervent of supporters believed Liverpool would win the Champions League. Plus, you don’t actually need a Twitter account to watch videos on Twitter, so who really knows.

Whatever the case, the search continues.

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