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WATCH: Fans at Notre Dame Sing YNWA

Liverpool fans in America are passionate for their club

Borussia Dortmund v Liverpool - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

If you’re like me, you might be a little jaded and can explain just about anything away. Being on the internet in this day and age can harden the softest of hearts. The comment wars and Twitter threads about what makes a real Liverpool supporter and what makes a fake one.

A lot of people view the preseason tour for Liverpool in the US as a glorified PR tour, and in a lot of ways those people are definitely correct. But, for fans in America it’s a chance to see the team they love so much. It’s a chance to see the team that they wake up at 4am on Saturday’s to see. It’s a chance to feel and touch something that exists so far away. You can’t tell me these people don’t care about the club.

It’s videos like this, yes even videos with Mighty Red front and center, that make this club truly special. 50,000 people in the swampy heat of Indiana. You love to see it.

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