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Rumor Mongering: Liverpool Target Plays Down Transfer Rumors to Bayern Munich

Liverpool and Bayern Munich have apparently been linked with Bayer Leverkkusen’s Kai Havertz. Reports indicate the midfielder is uncertain about a move to Bayern.

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Bayer 04 Leverkusen Training Camp
“ if Ben Woodburn and Timothée Chamalet had a kid.” Me, a fan of football and good movies.
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Liverpool are just outside of two weeks away before they take on Manchester City for the Community Shield, marking their first competitive match of the new season. Throughout the summer, reports from club-connected journalists and statements from the likes of Jurgen Klopp have all essentially held the company line that Liverpool won’t be looking to make any major additions this transfer window.

We’ve reported as such and while it may be a tad disappointing, it’s still, as noted in previous transfer rumor posts, at least an improvement over the wild vacillation of emotions from previous windows. One moment we’re excited. Next, we’re hopeful. Then, we’re lying prone, on the floor, wondering at how life can be so cruel. Ah, the life of a football supporter.

Despite all of this, though, Liverpool continue to be linked to names all across the globe. Sometimes, the links seem tenuous. Other times, it’s because someone connected to the player has conveniently decided to use Liverpool’s respective financial muscle and its return to the top of the European Mountain as a means to gin up interest. Still others, they seem to make sense in that most top clubs would be interested in said players.

Today, thankfully, we have the latter, as reports out of Germany have Liverpool not only tracking 20-year old wunderkind, Kai Havertz, but that the player himself putting distance between he and one of the other top clubs linked with a move for him: Bayern Munich. The midfielder and German international is already Leverkusen’s youngest ever to debut and their youngest goalscorer. Prodigious is a term that seems apt.

Rumors place Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona as the big clubs tracking Havertz and when pressed by reporters about making a move to Bayern specifically, the young star responded with a bit of uncertainty.

“I really don’t know yet whether Bayern is the next and right step for me.”

That was enough to send the rumor mongers wondering if Liverpool, then, might be the right destination. However, the full context of his quotes seem to be that he’s focused on playing at Leverkusen at the moment and is simply unsure about what his path is in the future. It seems a measured, if noncommittal take. And, if we’re being honest, just about the only thing certain is that Havertz likely eyes a move away from Leverkusen in the not-so-distant future.

If Liverpool are indeed in for him, I’d be surprised if we made a move any sooner than two years down the line. He seems to tick a lot of boxes and given the need to keep a robust midfield, Havertz would naturally be a pick to man a role. And given that at some point, James Milner’s Dorian Gray impersonation must surely come to an end, I could see Liverpool continuing to be linked with the likes of Havertz.

Still, it’s not a move that seems imminent or even likely in the immediate. One to watch, maybe, down the line, but nothing more.

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