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Rumor Mongering: Nicolas Pepe to Make Transfer Choice with Liverpool in Running

Reports indicate that the young star has narrowed his list to three teams, with Liverpool among the group.

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The summer transfer window for Liverpool FC has been a bit dry so far. Some players with history have left. A couple of fringe players are working on loan options and sorting their future. And we signed a young defender who may or may not have swole pecs.

But the window has certainly lacked the type of big, world-beating name that would get some fans heart racing. Or, given that Liverpool have never really been one for Galacticos, the type of name that is on everyone’s “About to Become a Bonafide Star” lists.

You know the kind: Roberto Firmino, Virgil Van Dijk, Naby Keita, Sadio Mane, and even Mohamed Salah come to mind as types who looked on the edge of greatness right before signing with Liverpool. The brand of the moment seems to be: “they’ll be worldwide phenomenons in 12 months time.”

Given all of that, one could be forgiven in thinking that Lille’s Nicolas Pepe would be on Liverpool’s radar. I mean, he does fill an area of need and seems to be in that mold of players on the verge of being stars. He’s been linked to some of the biggest clubs in the world over the last 6 months. It makes sense.

But given the reports of Liverpool interest coming from sources that are less than sketchy, combined with connected journalists indicating that this summer window will likely be one lacking in big names, it all adds up to Pepe being a Red come the next season rather unlikely.

Still, things like “reality” never stopped the most dedicated of rumor mongers, and that’s why we’re here, once more, to talk about the potential of Nicolas Pepe coming to Liverpool. This time, the reports indicate that the Lille winger has narrowed his selection down to three teams: Paris St. Germain, Inter Milan, and Liverpool.

The reason we haven’t gone the full “bullshit” treatment on this report is that the initial source of all of this is L’Equipe. And while we know that’s a long way from say, Pearce or Reddy or Maddock, L’Equipe is not just any old rag.

We don’t, however, think this really changes anything - it’s still our thought that this window will likely be relatively quiet. Further, we think that Liverpool’s name in this specific set of rumors has really only been to drive up the price.

That being said, this particular scribe would love to be wrong! If for no other reason than signing Pepe would be a clear sign that the folks behind this Liverpool project really do rate him and we’d see a bit of cover come in for our forward line. Whether or not this will come to pass, though, remains to be seen.

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