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The Liverpool Offside Stand with Vox Media Union in Fight for a Fair Contract

Earlier today, members of the Vox Media Union seeking competitive wage scales, guaranteed raises to match inflation, better severance, and rules on subcontracting work walked off the job on the final day of scheduled negotiations believing there had been insufficient movement towards a fair deal.

In doing so, sites led by members of the union went dark.

While The Liverpool Offside is not led by members of the union, we are supportive of and invested in their goals just as we are invested in any fight for fair compensation in a gig economy landscape that too often sees its content producers under-compensated by corporate entities seeking to grow market share in search of future wealth that is unlikely to ever be equitably distributed.

As such, while members of the Vox Media Union are on strike, The Liverpool Offside will cease publication of new content.

For updates on the situation, follow @vox_union on Twitter.

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