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Pep Lijnders: “I Want to Dedicate This Cup to Team Spirit”

Liverpool’s assistant manager talks about the most important ingredient to the side’s success this season

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Liverpool Parade To Celebrate Winning UEFA Champions League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

During the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday, I sensed it... Liverpool were favourites for what I am sure was the first time in the 20 plus years that I have supported this incredible football club. This past weekend’s final felt different – this time we stood on the precipice of greatness and when the moment came, we leapt into it and just like that, everything came together. Finally we had come full circle and a new dawn has arrived.

Someone else who has reiterated that belief is Jürgen Klopp’s assistant manager, Pep Ljinders, who makes up an integral part of an incredible (and somewhat unsung) coaching staff. As Mohamed Salah kicked the night off with a decisive penalty, followed by Divock Origi who saw off our opponents in Tottenham Hotspur with a trademark late goal in the 87th minute, amazing celebrations and joyful emotions ignited around the world which no Liverpool supporter will ever forget. And one man who is a firm believer that that intensity and feeling should now be harnessed in all aspects to ensure the club maintains the highest level of the game that is football is Pep.

In a chat with on Monday, Lijnders said:

I’m so proud we’ve won the cup with those big, big ears. Bringing it home to Liverpool, you dream about this when you are young. I want to dedicate this cup to ‘team spirit’, the most important ingredient of this season for us.
I would say, ‘Please everyone, keep this feeling of desire, passion and ambition into the next season.’ We shall not be moved. We said before the game it’s about energy, identity and passion. Finals are to attack with full confidence, conviction and a 100 per cent winning attitude, nothing else, they are to win… and we did it! As I’ve said before, you have to deserve the right to be ambitious and, wow, these boys deserved everything.
I have just one message from us to the world of football: ‘We conquered all of Europe and we’re never gonna stop…’

No, we are not going to stop. This, is definitely only the beginning!

Up the Mighty 6 Times Reds!

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