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Captain Jordan Henderson Gets Tattoo To Commemorate Liverpool Champions League Win

It’s gonna bleed so badly in five to ten years!!

England Media Access in Guimaraes Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Tattoos are great, and football players love them. Even players that you wouldn’t think would like them, have them. They’re definitely a trendy part of the footballer culture, and when they’re good, they’re great. We used to talk about them a lot, here at old TLO Towers. They can be celebratory, meaningful (like the names of children inked onto skin), or even stupid.

Jordan Henderson, our Champions League winning Captain, had but one tattoo listing the names and birthdates of his daughters on his ribcage, until now. While on vacation in Los Angeles, a tattoo artist by the name of Tommy Montoya posted a picture of Henderson to his Instagram page, with some new ink that our captain had gotten. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s old Big Ears himself, with the date of the final beneath it.

As a fan, this kind of tribute to the win is touching, exhilarating. As a Hendo fan, it’s even more so, knowing that the win meant SO MUCH to our captain that he wanted to get it permanently inked on his skin forever. As a lover and owner of tattoos herself, well... let’s just say my opinions on the tattoo itself probably shouldn’t be published. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t regret it in five-ten years time when all that lovely detail bleeds together.

Let’s focus on the positives here, though. Jordan Henderson, our captain from Sunderland, is so proud of his accomplishment that he wanted to get it inked onto his skin forever. He’s one of us, and always has been, and now this proves it as he joins the masses of fans also commemorating the historic achievement on their skins as well. At least now, though, some of us will hopefully know what NOT to do when getting a Champions League winner’s tattoo.

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