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Fabinho is Roberto Firmino’s Biggest Fan

One Brazilian says the other Brazilian is ‘irreplaceable’

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

There’s all types of opinions when it comes to the debate about who the most important Liverpool player is for the team. I’m sure there’s compelling arguments for probably half a dozen players. Fabinho recently went on a podcast with Cléber Machado, one of Brazil’s most prominent commentators, to offer his opinion on the debate.

“At Liverpool he [Firmino] is the perfect player there for that position.” Fabinho says of Roberto Firmino. “Because he’s a smart guy, a guy who helps a lot in the build-up. A guy that from time to time I see him on the side recovering balls. I say, ‘Thanks, Firmino, cheers for the help’ (laughs).

“And with our characteristic of the two open players, he helps a lot because he scores goals and gives players the ball to score goals as well. And Klopp says that an irreplaceable player for him is Firmino.

“And I’m going to talk about my vision: I’ve always liked him a lot, but when you follow him every day, you realise that the guy is different. The guy is very good.”

If both Fabinho and Jurgen Klopp think Firmino is irreplaceable, perhaps we should agree with them.

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