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Let’s Talk About Six, Baby, Shirt Edition

In Madrid Liverpool won their sixth European Cup. Get the shirt that lets everybody know you want to talk about it.

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Liverpool have conquered all of Europe. They’ve won the Champions League, the biggest prize in club football, a sixth time. It’s kind of a big deal and very much worth talking about, which Jürgen Klopp did after the match, turning to the cameras with a grin as wide as his face and opening his mouth.

“Let’s talk about six, Baby,” he half sang to Liverpool fans watching at home, and if that doesn’t make it into a proper chant on the Kop next season we’ll be shocked. But before Klopp’s line gets immortalized in song, we got together with our friends at BreakingT to give you a shirt that lets the world know that you, too, want to talk about six.

Rome 1977, London 1978, Paris 1981, Rome 1984, Istanbul 2005, and, as of last night, Madrid 2019. Liverpool have won it six times. And they’ve ended the 2018-19 season with the trophy this wonderful team, this amazing group, more than deserved. Glory in it. Celebrate it. Talk about it, even. While wearing our shirt.

Get TLO & BreakingT’s “Let’s Talk About Six, Baby” shirt here.

TLO and BreakingT’s last shirt, “These Boys are F**king Giants,” is still available for purchase and you can find it here.

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