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Liverpool FC Has Not Lodged Bid for Timo Werner

Ralf Rangnick says RB Leipzig have yet to field an offer for the star forward.

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Germany v Serbia - International Friendly
“...and this says, ‘come get me.’” - Timo Werner, non-verbal communications expert.
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Sometimes, no news is good news. Like when you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop in an argument with a friend, only to see you all ease back into the interactions with no mention of that past tension. In the case of transfers, though, that’s usually seen as a negative. No news is sometimes interpreted as not positive work happening.

That’s obviously false because so much happens in the background to make transfers happen, but even allowing for a more nuanced approach, some fans still get anxious at the lack of reports in the press about their favorite transfer targets. Each edition being pressed without more updates on the player they are obsessing over only fuels the worry.

As we’re definitely in this to serve fans, being fans ourselves, we are here to bring you an update on Timo Werner from RB Leipzig’s Ralf Rangnick himself. Which is to say that there isn’t really an update. Whoops.

I get that’s confusing but let me run you through it. Rangnick spoke to reporters to indicate that, as of yet, he has not received any offers for the star forward. No offers from Bayern Munich. No offers, certainly, from Liverpool Football Club. And so, of course, he advised Timo Werner to sign a new contract and to ensure that he would not enter into next season on an expiring contract.

Rangnick posits all of this to, as he describes, protect Werner from the potential of any fallout between he and the fans should his lack of a contract extension coincide with some drop in form next year. Ralf is, apparently, quite the angel.

From our vantage point, though, this just appears to be Rangnick continuing to try to drum up interest in one of the best players in the Bundesliga while also protecting his club’s interests in potentially raising that value by securing Werner to a new contract now. Self serving as ever but also all part of the game.

Where Liverpool are concerned, all links to Werner have always been of the “this seems pretty obviously a player that fits the mold for them so why not?” Which is, of course, not to mean that Michael Edwards and Company aren’t working quietly behind the scenes to make this move a reality. But just to note that there haven’t been reports from the typical sources that hint at a real interest from Liverpool.

More, there were always those reports earlier in 2019 that seemed to package Werner inevitably to Bayern Munich. And while there isn’t much to indicate that things would have changed so drastically between those reports surfacing in the first quarter of the year versus now, Liverpool, if they are interested, do have possession of the greatest trophy in all of Europe now.

Time, as ever, will have the final say on where this transfer saga ends. The only people with any real knowledge on the machinations involved are the people whose lips are currently sealed. All eyes, then, on Melissa Reddy, Paul Joyce, or James Pearce: our Anfield prophets.

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