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Rumor Mongering: LFC Not in for Fekir

Turns out maybe reports from France were exactly as accurate as we thought. Which is to say, not at all accurate.

FC Barcelona v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

The rumor mongers are nothing if not incredibly industrious in churning out the news pieces daily. It is an almost thankless task, I suppose, if one were ever given to thanking a rumor monger at any point. Which, hey, LFC news is slow and so maybe this is a bit of a respite?

In which case, the Nabil Fekir transfer saga that somehow hasn’t died is maybe the exact thing you need to fill that LFC news void in your life. It is, in many ways the perfect type of fodder for rumor mongers to work with because there’s concrete evidence of Liverpool’s previous interest in the player that it isn’t even that much of a stretch for the veteran rumor monger to craft into something. It is a story guaranteed to have many, many “twists” - even if those twists come so small and so frequently so as to finally resemble a circle in the end. It’s the type of story that won’t stop giving.

In that way, we’ve now come back around to our starting place in the Nabil Fekir transfer saga as news from The Independent indicates that Liverpool were never in for him this time around. There are no attributable quotes in the piece and this scribe is not particularly versed in Chris Markham’s reporting, so we’ve slapped the Rumor Mongering tag on this article because of that.

Still, this read does seem the most likely in the present moment given what we know of the situation: LFC were interested in Fekir, Fekir wanted to come, the medical team found something that spooked them enough to walk away from the deal. I don’t know what the club’s decision makers would need to have seen over the past year to change their minds now and am operating in the understanding that they haven’t.

But until the window closes and/or Fekir leaves, we will have this old favorite trotted out. Welcome to silly season, friends!

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