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Everything’s the Best: The Team That Has Everything

Well...almost everything, anyway. As the dust settles on a brilliant finish to a historic season, the question, inevitably, turns to “what’s next?”

Liverpool Parade To Celebrate Winning UEFA Champions League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

The way we perceive time is a bit of mind melder. We have no agency in the past, for example, but it is natural for us to ruminate on the past. Picking over every last detail in a tragic moment of basking in the warm glow of a treasured memory, we love to look back.

We also spend a lot of time trying to see the future, despite not having any ability to affect anything in it immediately. Creating models or poring over tea leaves, humans have been trying to guess what’s just around the corner for as long as we’ve been breathing on this planet.

The only moment we have any ability to actually and tangibly shape the world around us is in the present. My therapist loved to remind that right now is the only time we truly own, so be present.

But, I’m a sucker and, invariably, my mind gets pulled away and moved from this one space where I can affect anything. Maybe it’s that I’m a day dreamer, but it’s more likely that it’s just a part of my being human.

So, here I am, thinking about Liverpool Football Club, a little over a week after them having one their sixth European championship trophy, asking, “what’s next?”

The streams and confetti have barely been swept up from the victory parade and I know the glow hasn’t faded from the absolute bolt of lightning across the sky that is being the Champions of Europe, but the new season will be here. Not tomorrow, but sooner than we realize.

In fact, once we turn the calendar - in less than three weeks - to July, we’ll be looking at training camps opening. In a month and a half, Liverpool will be on their pre-season tour in America. And two weeks after that, it will be the kickoff to the new Premier League season. It’s pretty amazing to think, but these next couple of weeks is really all we have as a breather.

And, usually, I’m the type to insist on taking things slow and soaking in this moment. Because they don’t come often. Because it took so much work to get here. Because this group of guys is so special. Because, as fans and supporters, we deserve it.

But today, I want to indulge in the dreaming. Because the dreaming is what got us here.

The dreaming is what got me through the lean times. Each step forward in our progression made that dream feel more real. A dream of watching my favorite players hoisting a trophy. Of Anfield rocking after a big win. Of the streets of Merseyside turned into a sea of Red.

The dreaming saw a competent manager at the helm, quality players on the pitch, and a revived fan base that could taste former glories made modern. The dreaming saw Liverpool as I knew she might be and that the old timers insisted she really was.

The dreams came true this year. Best in Europe. No doubt about that. And though we came up a point shy in the league, I would take this squad to face down City’s any day. We are the best team in Europe and in a one-off, I feel confident in backing this Liverpool squad against any of the big teams.

The dreams are real.

So, what comes next? Here’s the part where I throw a curveball. Cause this is where I say: the dreaming.

Because, as Kevin Garnett says, anything is possible. Things are wide open for a Liverpool club that has nearly everything and only bright things in store for the future.

I think if Liverpool wanted, they could secure just about any superstars on the planet right now. I’m glad that they aren’t that type of club, of course, but I’m also glad to know we’re no longer shopping in the bargain basement.

Which means that while Ian Rush or King Kenny or God, Himself, may not be walking through the changing room door at Anfield, whoever will be coming will be someone set to make a real difference.

We aren’t a collection of glory hunters or mercenaries. Though, yes, we wouldn’t be here if our club weren’t successful and able to pay these player their worth. I think that we are a team united in vision and spirit from the back room to the front office to the boot room and even to the Melwood kitchen. Everyone believes in the spirit of Liverpool Football Club.

So, dream. Everything is possible at the moment, Reds. This is what the mountaintop looks like. And, cot damn, I don’t know that I need anything else.

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