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Watch: Liverpool’s Dressing Room Celebrations

Trent in tears, and Lovren taking dance lessons from Rhian Brewster. What more do you want?

Liverpool v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I still have nothing rational to say about Liverpool and what unfolded last night.

My head was gone. My head is still gone. My head went sometime after Newcastle made it 2-2, and it looked as if all hope was lost. It went again after Origi found a late winner on Saturday. I went yet again after Vincent Kompany’s one-in-a-million strike. And it’s completely gone after last night.

Thank fuck these Reds are made from tougher mental stuff than I. I am gone. Zach is gone, maybe check back in a few month’s time. Maybe.

Anyway, enjoy this clip of some of the players celebrating. You have just about the whole range of what we’re all feeling: relief, crying from joy, dancing, and faces hurting from smiling so damned much.

It’s a short video, but you see Trent Alexander-Arnold collapsed out of mental and physical exhaustion, in tears as he kisses the badge. You see Mohamed Salah beaming in his civies, no doubt already looking forward to righting the wrongs from last year’s devastating final. You see James Milner, quietly smiling by himself, content in a job well done. You see Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge—the two long-term stalwarts of the club—singing and grooving together. And you see young Rhian Brewster giving Dejan Lovren (much needed) dance lessons.

And you see Degsy then turn the camera and shout “WE’RE COMING!”

Mate, we’re all coming.

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