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Jürgen Klopp, Determined to Win Liverpool’s End of Season Battles: “I Don’t Feel Cursed”

The Liverpool manager is adamant in the face of his team’s Premier League and Champions League challenges.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Despite the odds against Liverpool lifting either one of two amazing trophies this season, Jürgen Klopp remains focused on the task of winning. This determination has been the fuel for Liverpool’s success since taking over as manager of the club. Klopp is the reason the team plays together instead of as individuals. He and his staff and recruitment team have been sculpting a dynasty at Liverpool and when the dust falls on this season’s end Klopp should be proud of the progress that has been made in a relatively short period of time.

The manager hasn’t won any silverware at Liverpool and there’s plenty of folks who love to remind him of the fact but the success of the project that is being backed by John Henry and his merry band is plain to see. Liverpool will be fighting every season for major awards with Klopp in charge.

“I was never cursed, I don’t feel cursed,” Klopp said.

“As far as I know I’m healthy, my family is healthy, I do the job I love. That makes me already a very fortunate person.

“I don’t think somebody has to win more than others or whatever, I try everything I can.

“If it happens then it happens, if not, then not. I am not ready to let these things take me down. I was never like this.

“I think now these defeats are the biggest defeats in my life. But you ask me 30 years before I became a manager I had defeats in my life which I felt were the biggest in my life. But I still carried on. So for me that’s what life is about.

“Try everything you can. Take and get what you can and if not try it again if you are ready for it. And I am ready for it. That is what I am.”

You’ve heard it over and over, Liverpool have only lost one league fixture all season and could still miss out on the Premier League title to Manchester City. It’s not a nice thing to say. But it’s also really impressive.

Klopp has managed Liverpool into a football powerhouse again. The right players aren’t all in yet, and some players need more time, but the strength is there. Experience will come. And the knowledge gleaned from the last two seasons, including what’s to come from the rest of the current fixtures, will serve the team greatly on their next charge up the table starting in August.

It’s been a hell of a season. And by god, the Klopp era may just be in its infancy. What a thought. I’m feeling good about the future.

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