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Jürgen Klopp Talks About His Future

He’s not going anywhere, if that’s what you’re wondering.

Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Let’s get one thing out of the way - Jürgen Klopp isn’t going anywhere. Even at the height of the idiocy that is #FSGOut and #KloppOut, he signed a contract extension and is contractually obligated to stay with Liverpool through 2022. Which is all great news, considering he’s done more for the club in his tenure than previous managers.

Of course, none of those things come up when rumours start swirling about a potential exit. Or another high profile job, that would potentially turn Klopp’s head, might become available. You can’t really blame the German newspaper Die Welt for catching up with Klopp about the possibility, despite the fact that he’s currently embroiled in a historic title challenge with Liverpool. Klopp, of course, was quick to shut any suggestions of his exit down.

“I have a contract at Liverpool until 2022,” he said. “And no-one here has the feeling that we should end it – neither from the side of the owner nor my side.”

That’s another three years away, which is a long time in football - loads of time for things to change, or not. Naturally, the question about Bayern came up - namely would he consider the job if it opened up, and the boss was happy to shut that down too.

“I do not know. There’s a long way to go,” the manager said. “Basically, football is like this - the opportunity has to be right, and the timing has to be right.

“But I’m totally happy here. I do not feel like I’m finished here. Our team has a good age structure and we can work together for a while.”

Jürgen made it clear when he joined Liverpool that he wanted to lead the club to a trophy, particularly the League, and considering we’ve been to three finals in three years, that work isn’t quite done yet. Now we’re on the brink of winning that League trophy, he doesn’t forget who is also instrumental in achieving that goal - the fans.

“My days are very structured and determined by work so I don’t have such direct contact with the fans, but of course I know that winning the Premier League would mean a lot to our supporters,” Klopp continued.

“I feel it clearly in their reactions in the games. What they did last weekend during our home game against Tottenham was overwhelming. That was extraordinary.

”I am already used to a lot of good atmospheres from Dortmund, but here I never experienced that.”

All the more reason why Klopp and Liverpool are a match made in footballing heaven, a partnership that could continue long past his current contract (hopefully) if we achieve at least one of our goals this year. Him going to any other club after Liverpool is almost unthinkable at this point.

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