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James Milner Praises Simon Mignolet

The midfielder said that Mignolet’s presence has been invaluable this season.

Liverpool Training Session - UEFA Champions League Final Previews Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Anyone who has followed Simon Mignolet on social media this past season will be unsurprised at reports of his professionalism. He’s been unfailingly positive and supportive of his teammates, including Alisson Becker, the keeper who usurped his position this past season.

Now James Milner has shined a light on Mignolet’s impact on the team, even from the sidelines.

“To be successful, you need a good squad,” said Milner. “It’s impossible to win or challenge for a Premier League without that, and it’s the same in Europe.

“The amount of games you play, the injuries and suspensions you will pick up. Someone who hasn’t been spoken about much this season, but Simon Mignolet. It’s incredible how he is around the training ground, he has the best attitude I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Every single day, he pushes himself and pushes Ali and the boys to improve. Nobody will ever speak about him in the press because he’s not on the field, but he’s been so important for us this season.

“That’s exactly what you need, great characters. Even if you’re not playing as much as you would like, the characters in the dressing room are still standing up.”

It’s hard to know if Mignolet will remain with the team after this season since he’s not getting any game time, but it’s nice to confirm what has seemed obvious a while now.

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