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James Milner Thinks Its `Damn Hard` to Win The Premier League

Milner won two titles with Manchester City

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

James Milner is the only current Liverpool player to have lifted the Premier League trophy. Liverpool’s vice-captain won the title with Manchester City in 2012 and 2014. He knows what it takes to get the team over the line.

“I think it’s special anytime you win the Premier League to be honest, because it is damn hard to do,” he says.

”We’re going up against a team that a lot of people have called the best the Premier League has seen in Manchester City.

”The way they play, the players they have and the amount of points they have, for us to be going toe-to-toe with them and the amount of points we can get, hopefully, will be good enough to get over the line.

”It’s so hard to win the Premier League, the two other times I have won it, it has been on the last day of the season and it looks like it’s going to go down to the death again, so there’s so many changes in a title race.

“We’ve seen that this season and seen that before and when we won it incredible fashion with City in the QPR game (in 2012), you’ve seen the changes in this title race as well.

”It’s been the same this season and with five games left for us, but so much can happen and that’s why everyone loves the Premier League.

”Anything can happen and that’s not us taking our eye off the ball in the Champions League, too.

”But if it’s not (to be), you’ve got to look back and say we’re going up against a good team and ask what can we learn from them to go again. For me to win a Premier League again would be amazing and it’s going to be very difficult.

“I think you have seen how we have improved these last two years and I think how we’re playing at the moment - at time we haven’t played that well - we’ve got results with grit and determination in games that we haven’t looked like winning,” he adds.

”So it’s all there, the quality is there, and it is a young team as well - but that doesn’t mean we will get over the line. I think we’re getting closer every year and we’ve got a good chance. We’ve just got to take care of our games coming up.”

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