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Firmino Is Ready To Fight For Liverpool

The Brazilian believes that fighting for titles should be the expectation for Liverpool Football Club.

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Liverpool v Porto - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

It’s mid-April, and Liverpool Football Club have a tiny, razor-thin edge on the Premier League table, as well as a 2-0 victory in the first leg of a Champions League quarter-final tie. One would be right in saying that things are looking pretty good for a Liverpool fan. It’s been years since they’ve been this deep into the season with so much still to play for, and yet here we are.

But being competitive in the league and European Cup shouldn’t be a fun bonus. According to Roberto Firmino, it should be what’s expected if you play for Liverpool Football Club.

“At a club like Liverpool, the goal is always to win and fight for titles when you’re wearing the shirt,” Firmino affirmed after the team’s win against FC Porto.

“With the support of this club and the tradition, the goal is winning titles and we have an opportunity to fight for two. We’re fighting as hard as we can and let’s see what happens.”

What stands out about this team above most others this season, is that it truly does feel like all the players and the manager are working together. The defense is a solid, unbreakable wall; the midfield is a revolving mixture of several, high-quality players willing to swap in and out at a moment’s notice and play any role the manager deems necessary; and the front line takes turns scoring and setting each other up to score with frequent ease. It’s really entertaining and impressive seeing all of these men working so selflessly to all pull in the same direction.

“This all comes with day after day of work – working together each day,” Firmino explained.

“We’ve been together now almost three years, we are only growing every day. In training sessions and games we already know each other perfectly and I hope it can keep going in this way.”

All I want — all any Liverpool fan wants — is for these players and this team to be rewarded for their incredible work this season.

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