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Salah: Big Teams Always Find A Way To Get The Points

Liverpool have pretty consistently done that all season, Sunday was no exception (luckily).

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Liverpool FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Sunday’s match against Tottenham sure was something, huh? At times it looked like Liverpool were back at their sharpest, at times it looked like Spurs were going to crush all our title chasing dreams. And then that miracle own goal happened, pushed towards goal by our good ol’ Mohamed Salah. Liverpool, just as they’ve done many times this season, have found a way to harness the power of the football gods to sway some games in their favor that definitely shouldn’t end in their favor. Not just for them, but for us, the fans, too (swoon).

“It’s a big difference, especially if you see the fans after the game – it was crazy,” Salah told Sky Sports when asked about the impact of late wins.

“They just really want to win the Premier League and we’ll do everything to make that happen. They help us a lot during the game, the atmosphere and they push you hard to create chances and play better.

“Big teams always find a way to get the points. Maybe in the second half we didn’t play at the top of our game but we won the game and that’s the most important thing. That’s a big team – you always have to find a way to win and that’s what we did.”

If your little Red loving heart didn’t warm just at hearing that, I don’t know what to tell you. Every player that’s had a chance has definitely come out to say they’re doing it for the fans and sure it’s probably cliche, PR fueled media training, but it works. Salah himself, of course, has come under a lot of criticism for being slightly off his game because he hasn’t been scoring - but that’s ignoring the work he’s done to help feed his teammates and the consistent shutting down he’s had to deal with from every other team we’ve faced. The fact that the winning goal on Sunday was more of an own goal and less of a Mo Salah goal truly doesn’t faze him.

“The three points are the most important thing – if they give the goal to me is not very important, I don’t care if not,” continued Salah.

“I didn’t score for a couple of games, OK. I just play and I want to win the Premier League, that’s the most important thing for me.”

With 6 games left for Liverpool in the season, literally every point counts and who cares if Salah scores or Bobby Firmino scores or (in my wildest dreams) Jordan Henderson scores. Mo is just going to keep doing Mo things as best he can and help make sure the team gets those points.

“Each game is tough now, there is more pressure. You just keep yourself in the race and you just need to win,” he added.

Southampton want points, they want to stay in the Premier League, so they’ll fight for their life also. We have to win each game.”

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