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Good Neighbours: LFC and Red Neighbours Host Career Day at Anfield

A roundup of Liverpool’s community engagement initiatives.

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Liverpool FC v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

We have talked often about how Liverpool FC are much more than a club. The connection that the club has to its fans and the immediate community in Liverpool runs deep. The influence is so true and intertwined that one can’t help but feel that the two cannot be separated from each other: the working class ethos of Liverpool the city have been knitted into Liverpool the football club, for example. And for generations, LFC fans have sung songs about their working class heroes.

That connection to the City and the instinct to put the community above the individual are aspects of the club that have especially pulled me in. As such, we’ve had a deep interest in the various community initiatives that Liverpool have involved themselves in. Given the way parts of Liverpool and its history have echoed the neighborhoods I’ve also called home, the club’s consistent work in the local community deeply inspires.

So, we like to keep tabs on what Liverpool and its associated foundation, Red Neighbours, do from time to time. Their most recent event was a career day held at Anfield. Local high schools in Liverpool were invited to Anfield to hear and learn about the various careers and job opportunities available at Anfield. They also were treated to a talk by actress Sue Johnston to learn more about her career path and gain insight from her rich experience.

Related, Liverpool are also offering fans attending tomorrow’s Legends Match against AC Milan the opportunity to bring their unwanted kits to Anfield to be donated to people in need. In partnership with charitable organization KitAid, Liverpool fans have already helped to give more than 100 kits bearing Sadio Mane’s name on them to children in Malawi. Here’s hoping this collection will bring in even more.

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