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Liverpool 4, Burnley 2: First Thoughts

Oh you’re going to score first at Anfield? Sure, we’ll show you how that goes.

Liverpool FC v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool 4 - 2 Burnley

Liverpool: Firmino 19’ & 67’, Mane 29’ & 90+3’
Burnley: Westwood 6’, Gudmundsson 90+1

  • Pre-Match: Adam Lallana apparently trained better than Xherdan Shaqiri and Naby Keita this week to earn himself a starting position today so here we are. Noon against Burnley with basically the League title on the line. Let’s go Reds.
  • And off we go! Things are starting a bit nervy here at Anfield on Sunday but Lallana is back to his busiest and hasn’t gotten injured... although there’s still 85ish minutes left.
  • Goal. Burnley score straight from a corner by basically sandwiching Alisson to keep him from doing his job but that’s nothing, apparently! Time to play with some anger, boys!
  • We all knew Burnley would do their worst, considering it’s March and Joe Gomez is still injured from the last time we met them, but this is a wild way to start.
  • Roberto Firmino goes close to equalizing, SO PAINFULLY CLOSE, but Tarkowski gets a block on it and his shot goes skyward. Liverpool look like they’re settling into the game and hopefully about to pull Burnley apart because fuck them.
  • GOAL! BOBBY COMES THROUGH WITH THE EQUALIZER! Mohamed Salah controls the ball well and sneaks it through the Burnley defense for Bobby Dazzler to just tap in and Liverpool are level!
  • Holy Toledo, it’s actually hailing at Anfield right now. Legitimately pea sized hail falling from the sky.
  • GOAL! Lallana doing his busiest to win the ball back for Salah and Salah chipping it to Sadio Mane to make it two!
  • We’re not about to be afraid of Burnley anymore, but we can’t rest on that lead right now. The conditions at Anfield, though, are truly wild. The wind is so bad I half expect one of our smaller players to get picked up and carried away.
  • Halftime: Liverpool definitely responded well to going down early, but things could get dicey really quick and we need to maintain this kind of gameplay to get out alive.
  • We’re back out there! The hail has cleared up, we’ll see if the wind has died down and Adam Lallana is still out there and doing great (listen, he deserves some credit).
  • Nearly three! Burnley give our front three all the space in the world to do what they do but literally the wind pushes the ball away from the goal after Bobby gets a cross in. This is a good match for Klopp to complain about the wind.
  • Credit to the fans, at least on my stream it sounds like Anfield is in full voice just when the team needs them the most.
  • This half is definitely less eventful than the first one but Liverpool have played consistently in the Burnley half so a third is absolutely on the way.
  • GOAL! Bobby gets a brace to make it three! Mohamed Salah gets tackled, again, in the box, and Bobby is there to pick up the slack and send it home! Celebrated with a Hendo hop and everything!!!
  • Jordan Henderson comes on for Georginio Wijnaldum for some fresh legs and honestly it’s a safety substitution but we’re going to be better for it.
  • Everyone might say “Oh it’s just Burnley” after this game but Liverpool have been back to their sharpest and it’s the best kind of pick me up. With Fulham ahead and City playing in the FA Cup, we’ve got a chance, lads!!!
  • Adam Lallana makes way for Naby Keita and while that’s the choice most would’ve made at the start, Lallana has had a great game and should be recognized for it.
  • Literally everyone is taking their shot right now and it’s awesome. Mane should’ve made a fourth a bit after Keita came on and Andy Robertson just had a rocket blocked. Wave after wave of Liverpool attack and it’s soothing, honestly.
  • Oh. Goal for Burnley. Great. That’s what I get, I guess.
  • Final Whistle: I’m not about to say it’s just Burnley because they always give us hell and this was their perfect chance, but to get out of this alive and with two more goals towards the GD feels great. Roll on Bayern.

We’ll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today’s game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven’t already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we’ll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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