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Dalglish: Liverpool Needs Anfield Support For Run-In

Sir King Kenny had a fair few thoughts about Liverpool’s title chances. Here’s a few.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

As things currently stand Sir Kenny Dalglish was the Liverpool manager when we last lifted the title in 1990, and last lifted a trophy in 2012. Of course, like all Liverpool supporters, these are two droughts that he would like to see ended, hopefully in one fell swoop by current boss Jurgen Klopp.

Yesterday, Dalglish spoke to supporters at length about his thoughts about the proceedings this season. King Kenny, naturally, knows a few things about winning shiny objects.

“There’s no problem with nerves,” Dalglish explained. “I think it’s normal to feel nervous, it’s anticipation. We have been brilliant this season, the support has been brilliant.

“For us, we’ve never, ever won a trophy in my time here without the help of the fans. When it gets towards the finishing line that’s when you need them most of all. If we can all stick together collectively that will give us a chance to move forward.

“They shouldn’t under-estimate the importance of the people who come to watch. They can get them over the line with their support.

“If they are a wee bit nervous then you can understand it but that doesn’t stop them cheering the boys on. They will cheer them on to the end and the boys deserve that.”

Anfield has shown its power time and again in Europe, and was nearly enough to help push Liverpool over the line during the miraculous 2013/14 season. That power can work both ways, which is why King Kenny emphasized the need to stay positive.

“We shouldn’t be embarrassed to be sitting up there. Fear the worst? What’s the worst? Jesus Christ, the worst is relegation, I would imagine.

“We should be positive, supportive, helpful. We are going to make mistakes but they shouldn’t be magnified because we are getting towards the end of the season.”

Dalglish is right of course. Finishing second in last year’s Champions League campaign was an absolute party (right until Salah got Ramos’d). We should be thrilled to be in this position, and with a squad capable of going toe-to-toe with FFP jokes Manchester City.

Hopefully we can turn it around today against Bournemouth. If so, Anfield will surely play its part.

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