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Will Liverpool’s Supposed Snowy Shenanigans Spark Rulebook Review?

“By any means necessary” amirite.

Liverpool FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

He was ultimately foiled this time by the curious decision-making of referee Martin “Bradford Bond” Atkinson, but full-time Liverpool manager and part-time evil genius Jürgen “Black Forest Blofeld” Klopp has apparently sparked panic among the Premier League’s moral guardians of football sanctity with the Reds’ one-buttocked snow removal efforts during their recent match against Leicester City.

As many may recall, the weather was “Not Great, Bob” for much of Leicester City’s visit to Anfield, and the resultant frozen tundra might have played a role in Liverpool’s lackluster first half to the match. The Anfield ground crew diligently came out at halftime to clear snow from the pitch, but only the Reds’ attacking half was addressed for the final 45 minutes - a state of affairs that might have been perceived as an unfair advantage for the hosts.

Although Klopp has insisted that the crew simply did not have enough time to clear the entire pitch, thanks in part to mid-match “entertainment”, the more cynical quarters of football literati unsurprisingly suspected that Liverpool were seeking to game the system.

Now, the Mirror has suggested that certain other clubs (Hi Pep) would like the Premier League rulebook reviewed and perhaps amended to eliminate the possibility of future Kloppian chicanery. As things currently stand, Liverpool’s semi-charmed kind of snow clearing is apparently not against the written rules, though if done intentionally, would clearly be a violation of “Unwritten Footy Ethics.”

As a reminder, Klopp is already under scrutiny by the Domestic Cup Magicians Guild thanks to his seemingly less-than-cavalier attitude towards the FA Cup and League Cup. Undoubtedly, everyone will be keeping an even closer eye on him going forward.

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