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Manchester United 0, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

What the HELL was that? Nothing good and a waste of 90 minutes.

Manchester United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manchester United 0 - 0 Liverpool

  • Pre-Match Thought: I am very tired and ready to get this over with. I am not excited, I’m anxious and thanks for asking, I hate it.
  • And we’re off! Getting things started with a free kick for Liverpool that’s ruined by going short. Yes we’ve definitely got things started.
  • Ten minutes have gone by and nothing else has happened. Welp this definitely isn’t December anymore.
  • Joel Matip wins us a free kick literally just outside the box and Mohamed Salah can’t put it where it goes, so that’s a good sign for today.
  • Ander Herrera comes off early due to injury so that might be good for us?
  • This is going to be one of those games where a score will actually open it up, isn’t it. Please Liverpool score first.
  • Liverpool with their first real counter of the match and James Milner gets a yellow card and Roberto Firmino pulls up with an ankle issue. Things are REAL GOOD HERE. On the flip side Juan Mata just came off with injury too so... it’s even?
  • If Bobby is actually injured we might actually be fucked.
  • And Klopp is forced to make a change at half an hour in by bringing in Daniel Sturridge for Bobby.
  • ALMOST! Danny tries to make something out of nothing and shoots it right at David De Gea so hey at least we have a shot on goal now.
  • This game is weird. There’s too many stops. They’re all too... hesitant?
  • ALISSON WITH THE SAVE OF THE GAME SO FAR. Taking it right from Jesse Lingard’s feet and smothering it before it turns into anything else! That’s what the money was for!
  • And now Jesse Lingard, who had come on for Juan Mata, is off with injury and Alexis Sanchez is on and Manchester have used all their subs so this is a game??
  • Like if we can’t win this then who do we think we are?
  • OH COOL NOW ANDY ROBERTSON IS DOWN. COOL COOL COOL. He seems okay but that was terrifying.
  • Halftime: That was weird and terrible and I’m glad it’s over, now go and win this Reds.
  • Jordan Henderson wins the ball back in awesome fashion but his pass gets blocked off in the box and wins Liverpool a corner that they make nothing of, woo.
  • Manchester have had a couple chances at this point and we’re lucky that Rashford is at like 75% right now and out of subs.
  • We’re an hour into this game and I don’t understand why we can’t make something happen. It’s not like United have been particularly good.
  • At least Hendo has been the best midfielder out there FIGHT ME.
  • ALMOST! Georgino Wijnaldum gets his head on a corner from James Milner but it just goes wide thanks to some interference.
  • Oh, okay, that’s not what I wanted but Klopp brings on Xherdan Shaqiri for Jordan Henderson so uh, sure? Listen I’m all for Shaqiri coming on but not for Hendo.
  • Why does Klopp keep insisting on putting on Divock Origi as a sub? We got lucky against Everton, and that doesn’t mean he’s going to repeat that luck. And for Mo??? No thanks.
  • We get a free kick but they do a better job picking up the second balls than we do so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Burn it all down and start over. That’s the only way.
  • A little less than ten minutes left, probably. Just fucking score, please.
  • I don’t really know who to blame for this garbage. Klopp? Injuries? Michael Oliver?? Just end it already.
  • Final Whistle: This was terrible and one point above City is great and all but not good enough. Not fucking good enough.

We’ll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today’s game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven’t already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we’ll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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