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Cafu Has Some Advice For Trent Alexander-Arnold

Does this mean Trent is the new Scouse Cafu because I’m here for that.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

We all know Trent Alexander-Arnold is special. No one needs to reiterate how special he is for coming up through the Academy to feature in a Champions League final last season and become a pivotal member of the squad in this title challenge. We all know that. Trent himself is probably doing a good job of not getting caught up in just how special he is.

The thing is that at 20 years old, Alexander-Arnold still has a lot of playing time left in him and a lot of time to change that trajectory if things were allowed to go awry. World renowned Brazilian right back Cafu want’s Trent to know that shouldn’t happen.

Speaking in his role as an academy member for the Laureus World Sport Awards, Cafu said: “To play for the England national team, you have to be very good and to play at Liverpool, you have to be very, very good. But it takes time to mature and be consistent.

“Yes, he is very talented. For his position, I would advise him to work hard, do a lot of training, but above all show a lot of commitment to what he does.

“Never think that he is good enough. Don’t get complacent or big-headed. Work more and more.

“When I was the same age, I was playing for Sao Paulo in the main team. I was a father, so I had a lot of responsibility.

“Twenty years old is a good age to make a decision if he wants to be a football player or a ‘professional’ football player with a long, respected career.”

Considering Trent Alexander-Arnold still lives with his family and doesn’t have a kid at his age, it seems pretty clear that all of his focus is on football - maybe even more than Cafu at his age. This would be a good time to name Trent the new, and true, Scouse Cafu because, well... he’s better.

Cafu’s advice is well meaning, even if it comes from a place of not really knowing him and probably just a journalist asking “what do you think about that kid at Liverpool?” Because it sounds like Trent has already taken that advice, regardless of whether or not it came from Cafu.

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