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Liverpool’s Andy Robertson Has Thoughts About Bayern Munich

Unsurprisingly, the uber energetic left-back wants the Reds to come out of the gates flying.

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Liverpool FC v Leicester City - Premier League
Andy Robertson, the embodiment of chill.
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The various shades of human personality are interesting. Some of us are what we might call sanguine and while others are pessimistic. Some are friendly while others are absolute grouches.

And some of us are always turned up to 11. Meet Andy Robertson, talented left back, lovable dork, and a guy whose work rate would never lead you to believe he had a touch of the Berbatov about him. He is the human embodiment of an “all rise” playlist. If you could tap him as a source of energy, I would not be surprised to learn that he could power all of the UK on how own. He is a supernova and we are all just blessed to be living in his immense radiation of joy and energy.

It is no surprise that when interviewed by the official site, Robertson shared that his analysis of the needs for success against Liverpool’s Champions League opponents Bayern Munich is, essentially, to be a team that is all rise.

“We need to be full-throttle for that game. They are such a good team and they have been the last six or seven years so we know what a tough task it will be. But we believe we can cause any teams problems and we have to be at our best.”

Our little Energizer Bunny - somehow more energetic and more adorable than the original though - is, of course, not wrong in his assessment. Bayern’s long list of success domestically and in the Champions League coupled with their recent success at being a global force on par with the biggest clubs in Europe is well-known. And the club will, indeed, need to be playing at full tilt in order to get the result they wish.

But it does bring a bit of a smile to one’s face to consider that the indomitable left back is the one calling for a high-tempo clash. Cause if there’s one phrase best suited to describing the way Andy Robertson marauds that left flank it is, undeniably, full-throttle.

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