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The Legend of Divock Origi: A Retrospective on THAT Goal Against Everton

We didn’t know it at the time, but that goal reinvigorated Origi’s Liverpool career, and forever made him a cult legend.

Liverpool FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool won the Champions League last year. Champions of Europe, if you haven’t heard. Our squad was and is incredible. Best goalkeeper? Yup. Best defender? Sure thing. Best fullbacks? Check and check. Hardworking, yet unheralded midfield, and a the most dangerous front three in Europe? Yes, this team had all of those things. And more often than not, the starting eleven was able to get the job done.

There were many incredible moments and let offs along the way, and yet, despite just seven goals in all competitions, Divock Origi was responsible for pretty much all of the biggest moments. His goal to ENORMOUS, MOMENTOUS GOAL ratio was absurd. There was the winning goal against Newcastle to keep us in the title race. There was the goal to seal the 2-0 victory over Spurs in the Champions League final. And of course, “Corner taken quickly...”

But perhaps the biggest let off of all, and the one that started his run of enormous. momentous goals, was the killer blow against Everton at the death.

Personally, it was the goal that sent me screaming down the hall in pure delight, terrifying the dog in the process. It was the height of ecstasy, combined with unbridled laughter at the pure hilarity of the situation.

The goal was in a word, perfect. It was right at the death, so the outcome of the match was no longer in question. It was against the Bitters. It was the most brutal way to lose a match, and after they were celebrating the draw with pyro, no less. Jordan Pickford, who a) had bragged about how he never made Alisson-like mistakes, and b) has short arms, was left flapping for the loose ball (and may have even accidentally kept it in play).

It was perfect.

And there was a personal redemption arch, after Origi’s Liverpool career had been seriously derailed in a red-card challenge in a 2015 Merseyside Derby. Moreover, it was a loss that sent the Blues spiraling after a promising start to their campaign. Considering their precarious position just outside of the relegation zone, you could argue that they never recovered.

Origi might never reach the same heights—at Liverpool or elsewhere—as he did last season. Hell, it would be a career-defining achievement for most players to score even one of his enormous goals from last year. But he, and Liverpool fans everywhere, will always have 90+6 against the Blues.

As perfect as that goal was last year, I could really do with an uneventful win. However, if the game is in the balance and Origi’s name gets called off the bench, you know there will be more than a few worried faces in Blue as the Belgian strolls onto the pitch.

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