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Sadio Mané Declares Klopp the World’s Best

The winger had effusive praise for the manager following Klopp extending his contract through 2024.

RB Salzburg v Liverpool FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

I don’t want to presume, but I think that Sadio Mané might like Jürgen Klopp a little bit, you guys. The attacker, who came from Southampton in 2016, can trace much of his meteoric rise to the manager’s influence and trust in him.

On December 13th, Klopp extended his Liverpool contract through 2024 to the delight of pretty much everyone in the Liverpool orbit. (I say ‘pretty much’ because I guarantee there’s still someone somewhere in the bowels of the internet trying to get #kloppout trending on Twitter as we speak.)

Mané is firmly in our camp though, naming the manager the best in the world.

“I would struggle to describe just how good and how successful he has been for Liverpool,” he affirmed. “Everybody can see what he has done for this club, for this city and the quality he has as a manager.

“There are a lot of good managers in Europe but what I can say is that our manager always has the right words and the right things to manage his team, especially knowing how to deal with his team.

”I would always trust his influence on the team. He is a winner and I would say he is the best in the world.”

Guiding the Reds to two Champions League finals in two years and 40 games undefeated in the league is quite a feat. If he can manage to end Liverpool’s dry spell in the Premier League this season, then there will be little doubt left that Mané’s declaration is true.

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