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Liverpool to Debut FIFA World Champions Badge Against Wolves

The Reds will debut their Club World Cup Championship badge on their uniforms on Sunday’s tilt against Wolves.

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Liverpool are the Champions for the World - the entire world, in fact. And one of the things that comes with winning the FIFA Club World Cup is a badge to prove that you are, in fact, the Champions of the World (seriously, that phrase will never get old).

Prior to this, Liverpool were planning on wearing the badge during Champions League matches for the duration of their time in this iteration and through any matches they may have next year. The rule essentially stipulates that they can wear the badges until the next World Champions are crowned.

Wearing the badge during Premier League competitions, though, looked unlikely. However, Liverpool will do precisely that when they face off in their last Premier League match of 2019 against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Per the club’s official site, Liverpool will wear the FIFA Club World Champions badge on their uniforms for a one-off in this Premier League match.

As for being able to wear it for the rest of the campaign, that likelihood remains in a bit of limbo. Premier League policy only allows charitable messaging to be added to the front of kits during the season, and such additions/edits must pass through a voting of the board. At present, Liverpool have not yet received that go-ahead but have been given the green light to wear it in this instance while they wait for word from the Premier League brass.

So, looks like come this Sunday, for at least one match, Liverpool fans will get to see their heroes sport the badge that proves them to be the best in the world.

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