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David Duckenfield Found Not Guilty of Hillsborough Manslaughter Charges

The retrial of former South Yorkshire police chief Duckenfield

Liverpool Teams Mark The 30th Anniversary Of The Hillsborough Disaster Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

David Duckenfield, the former South Yorkshire police chief who oversaw the Hillsborough Disaster has been found not guilty in his retrial today. His last trial ended on April 3rd after the jury could not reach a verdict.

It is a blow for the entire Liverpool family, of course. In the search for justice, it reopened the wounds of the families of the victims who went to a football match and never returned. Sadly, the pain associated with refreshing the memories of that terrible day came with no reward, as Duckenfield walks free—as he has every day since 96 people died as a result of his actions (and inaction).

I’m not quite sure what to say, and I’m almost certainly not the right person to say it. I’m not from Liverpool. I didn’t lose loved ones at Hillsborough. I didn’t even learn about it until decades later.

The only thing I can say is how, even as an outsider, I’m shocked and horrified by the outcome of this trial. Indeed, I find myself at a rare loss for words.

My heart goes out to those families who are still living with the massive repercussions of that day. I hope we, the Liverpool family, can continue to do their memories justice, and help the remaining victims and families in any way we can.

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