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Vitor Matos Explains New Liverpool Role

The highly rated coach comes from Portugal.

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Liverpool v Wigan Athletic: Premier League Cup Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool FC were notoriously inactive in the last summer transfer window, but one signing they did make may end up making them better for years to come. We finally got a glimpse at who the new coach, Vitor Matos is and what his role is.

“My biggest goal is to create development. You can create development in different ways but the most important thing is that you understand football as a collective game,” Matos told“It’s something that is built on the interactions between the players and these interactions that you have are related to your way of playing, to your identity, so you can see: ‘OK, this is Liverpool’s way of playing.’

“Development or individual development is also connected with this: these game ideas and this way of playing will force the individual development of the players.

“My role is to say: ‘OK, we have these Academy players. How can we help them learn the game ideas of the first team, and how can we use those game ideas to continue their individual development?’

“My first idea when I arrived was that I needed to know every one of the U18 and U23 players and discuss, ‘What’s the big idea for him?’

“I needed to know which person I need to speak to and work with to achieve this. It’s about knowing the club, knowing what the expectation is for a youth player to come and train here [at Melwood].”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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