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Liverpool Legend Weighs In On Steven Gerrard Succeeding Klopp As Manager

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher thinks his ex-teammate would be the ideal successor to the Liverpool manager.

Liverpool All-Star Charity Match Press Briefing Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

We’re all in agreement then. Once Jürgen Klopp finishes out the final season of his trophy-laden six-year contract, he is under no condition permitted to pop out for cigarettes or a pint of milk, even if promises he’ll be “just a few minutes.”

While there is a non-zero probability that the Normal One will shun his principle of seven-year stints at clubs and instead pledge himself to Liverpool from this day until his last day, discussions of a succession plan have nevertheless begun to bubble up among Reds supporters.

While the managerial landscape three years from now when Klopp’s current contract ends in 2022 will surely look significantly different than it does today (for example, three years ago Man United thought hiring Jose Mourinho was a good idea), the early front runner for the next Liverpool manager being bandied about in the tabloids of late is Reds legend Steven Gerrard.

Currently cutting his managerial chops at Rangers in Scotland, the likes of club legend Kenny Dalglish and even Klopp himself have been co-opted into the #narrative of Captain Fantastic one day soon returning triumphant to his boyhood club to lead them to (further) glory.

Another prominent Anfield figure to hitch himself behind the Gerrard train is former Red and current Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher, who spoke in response to a question on the subject recently:

“Why not?,” the ex-defender said speaking to Liverpool ECHO. “There will be a clamour for probably a lot of people I think whenever Jurgen Klopp decides his time is up at Liverpool but hopefully that’s a long way away.”

“There’s no doubt Steven Gerrard will come into that because of the job he’s doing at Rangers but also because he’s a Liverpool legend.

“He’s doing a fantastic job at Rangers so that will certainly help him.”

While Liverpool supporters would welcome Gerrard with open arms were he to emerge from a vigorous vetting process as the most qualified candidate after showing significant managerial prowess at Rangers and elsewhere, one could argue that the coronation should not be happening anytime soon.

In fact, one might argue that the key to avoiding Alex Ferguson’s haphazard dismount from United that has can be directly tied to the mess the club finds themselves in today is by cultivating the sort of homegrown Boot Room that was the constant during an extended period of Liverpool dominance.

And if you were feeling particularly argumentative, one could posit that the natural successor to Klopp and the key to maintaining the curated culture of excellence is already at the club in the form of current no. 2 Pep Lijnders.

But of course that would only be if one truly wished to kick up a fuss. Otherwise you would simply sip your tea in silence.

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