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Injury Might Sideline Matip for Weeks

The defender’s knee still isn’t quite right. Cue anxiety.

Joel Matip Signs Contract Extension Liverpool Training Session
Actually, same, Joel. Same.
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool’s run of form has been blistering. And it’s honestly tough at present to find a lot to be upset about. Sure, perhaps in the heat of a match or in the afterglow of a Martin Atkinson officiating performance, one might find some angst to grip to. Generally, though, the good team and the good results keep the good fans of Liverpool Football Club feeling, well, good.

Today, I am going to play the role of Gandalf Storm Crow and bring a bit of less good news. According to this report from the Liverpool Echo, it looks like defender Joel Matip is set for an extended spell on the physio table.

We knew that when Matip wasn’t listed as part of the match day squad this past weekend that it was likely that the central defender was still nursing his injury. And given that he’s only started one match out of Liverpool’s last five, it’s not hard to believe that the Cameroonian wasn't quite out of the woods since he’d initially injured the knee back in last month’s match against Sheffield United. It’s thought that he re-aggravated the injury during Liverpool’s trip the weekend before last to Old Trafford in their tilt against Manchester United.

In terms of a timeline for a return, things are all a bit hazy at present. Some reports (as noted in the Echo’s piece) have noted that Matip could miss as much as 10 matches or approximately 6 weeks due to the injury. Liverpool’s official stance is that it’s simply too early to tell. For now, Matip is going to be receiving some rest in order to allow for the injury to subside enough to allow for a more thorough examination.

Here’s hoping that it’s a short spell and that Joel will be right back out on the pitch in no time.

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