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Good Neighbours: The Admiral Ships School Kids to Anfield with Free Match Tickets

Naby Keita, as part of Liverpool’s Red Neighbours initiative, presented a primary school with free tickets for this weekend’s match against Spurs.

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Liverpool Training Session
“AN ABSOLUTE RAY OF SUNSHINE.” Me, First Mate in Naby’s Navy.
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool FC have worked rather hard over the last few years with the Red Neighbours program to help provide a positive impact in the local community. It’s an extension, I think, not only of the club’s You’ll Never Walk Alone ethos, but also of how the club has, historically, always been deeply connected to the community.

The way the local fans love when a Scouse lad breaks through to the first team or how they genuinely painted the town, well, red for the victory parade after laying claim to Number 6 this past summer, it’s clear that this team holds a prominent place among the hearts of Liverpool residents. And Red Neighbours as an initiative has always looked at making intentional the ways in which the team can partner with organizations and individuals to uplift everyone in the City.

Over the last few years, this initiative has focused on various issues such as poverty or elderly isolation. They continue to do such work, but one area we haven’t yet highlighted is their work with youth. Today, Liverpool’s own midfield admiral, Naby Keita, presented a local primary school with free tickets to this weekend’s Premier League match-up with Tottenham Hotspur.

The report notes that this is part of Red Neighbours’ initiative to provide “memorable experiences for young people.” Which is a terrific thing to do when you consider that there are likely a fair few children who are priced out of going to even just one match a season.

Red Neighbours is intending to distribute 1,000 tickets to school children throughout the year as part of this initiative. Here’s hoping that they up that ante, though. Especially if any future expansions take place.

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