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Pochettino Joins Pep (In Obsessively Thinking About Liverpool)

The Spurs manager couldn’t resist a swipe at Liverpool in his pre-match press conference.

Liverpool Training and Press Conference Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Before we get all the Spurs fans coming out to defend their man (fuck it, they’re probably already in the comments below): Mauricio Pochettino is a great manager, and what he’s done to make this Tottenham squad a consistent Champions League team is massively impressive.

But there are questions to be had about Spurs, particularly about the thin squad and lack of investment over the summer. It has nothing to do with Poch, of course, but he’s still the one having to answer questions, particularly in light of their recent injury crisis which will see Harry Kane and Dele Alli out for extended periods.

When asked about their squad depth ahead of the second leg of the League Cup semifinal against Chelsea, Pochettino couldn’t resist taking a swipe at league leaders Liverpool.

“I saw Liverpool is now in Dubai and all the pundits say Liverpool have the best squad with Manchester City,” Poch said.

“We are still involved in four competitions, what happens [tonight] and what happens Sunday [the FA Cup fourth round against Crystal Palace] I am still happy with my squad.”

Of course, he has to say he’s happy with his squad. What’s he going to say? “Nah, mate, we’re proper fucked. Don’t expect these lot to keep us in the Top 4 with ‘arry out.” Unlikely.

I can’t help but feel the comments are tinged with more than a hint of jealousy. Not only has Liverpool come on in leaps and bounds under Klopp—reaching two European finals along the way—but the ownership has backed the manager, allowing the club to push on and compete for the biggest of prizes.

Oh, and we don’t have to play a two-legged semifinal against Chelsea in January. I’d be jealous of us too.

Maybe Poch and Pep can start a book club to discuss what they’re not reading whilst thinking about Liverpool?

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